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Our services are designed to meet the needs of both military and civilian clients. We provide expert advice and guidance in management consulting, fiber optics installation, low voltage technology, and telecoms site surveying. We have the expertise and know-how necessary to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, we can help.


Daytona Beach Market

Fiber to Home Installer

Fiber Optics Installer connects telephone, high-speed internet, and television. They install and maintain fiber optics cables, as well as provide technical assistance in the designing and testing of fiber optics.

Southwestern Missouri Market

Low Voltage Electrician

Low voltage technician is responsible for installing and repairing low-voltage cables and systems for electronic equipment and communication devices.


Atlanta, GA

Telecoms Site Surveyor

Surveyor will take notes and measurements of the proposed Telecom equipment site using measuring height sticks, measuring wheels and range finders. The measurements will be written/drawn onto field maps. The notes/measurements taken will be used by our Engineers to design the placement of new telecom equipment along copper and fiber cable where specified by the customer and used for the submittal of permits to the appropriate governing entity.

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